Funeral motorbike with sidecar.


**Revolutionary Transport: The Ultimate Motor Sidecar for dignified Funerals**


*Are you looking for a unique way to make a funeral ceremony even more special? Do you want to pay tribute to a beloved deceased in a way that attracts attention and is respectful at the same time? Meet our revolutionary motor sidecar, specially designed to transport funeral coffins. With a perfect combination of style, functionality and elegance, we offer an unrivalled solution for transporting your loved one with dignity.*


**Connectedness and Freedom**


Our motor sidecar offers a whole new dimension to funeral processions. It symbolises the connection between the deceased and his or her passion for motorcycling. It adds a touch of adventure to an otherwise sober moment, while remaining respectful. This unique combination of emotion and freedom allows you to turn your loved one’s final journey into an extraordinary experience.


**Exclusive Design and Construction**


Our motor sidecar has been designed and manufactured with great precision to meet all your expectations. It is built with high-quality materials and the latest technology, making it a reliable and safe option for transporting a funeral casket. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the streamlined body to the comfortable seats for the driver and passenger.


**Safety and Reliability**


When transporting a funeral coffin, safety is of paramount importance. Our motor sidecar is equipped with advanced safety features to protect the driver, co-driver and the coffin itself. Our experienced technicians have designed this vehicle with stability and control in mind, so you don’t have to worry about the journey to its final resting place.


**Unforgettable Experience**


We strive to make every funeral an unforgettable experience. With our motorbike sidecar, we can create an impressive and respectful procession that leaves a lasting memory.

Complete with coffin and rider.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 cm